Eligibility to apply for the exams:​

The first part exam (Part 1):

The first part exam can be attempted after 15 months of training in all specialities for candidates in training by the college.

For candidates who finished an equivalent period of training in other colleges especially in the developed countries, they can apply directly.

The second part exam (Part 2):

To be eligible to apply for Part 2 exam,the candidate must fulfil a 5 year training period and the logbook has to be signed by the program director. Candidates who are trained in similar colleges in the western countries are eligible to apply after submitting a certificate of completion of training (CCT) or a letter from the program director.
Regular scientific and clinical skills evaluation will be performed by departmental staff.
If the candidate passes Part 2A ,he/she can sit Part 2B.
The maximum number of sittings for each part is 3 times.
Passing Part 2A remains valid even if the candidate fails in Part 2B.
Exam venues and related details will be announced on the college website at least 3 months before to the exam date.
The examinations results will be announced on the college website by the candidate,s number.

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Application for Examination in 2022
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