International College of Allied Healthcare Professionals

International College of Allied Healthcare Professionals



FICAP By hands-on training & formal examination

  • a - Clinical pharmacists
  • b - Medical physicists
  • c- Technicians
  • d - Nurses
  • e- Physical therapists
  • f - Biology & Biotechnology
    Study Duration : 3 years.

  • Dean

    Dr. Susannah Haarmann

    D.PT, USA

    Program Directors

    Dr. Catherine Demetriades

    Dr. Catherine Demetriades


    Head of medical physics, biology & biotechnology

    Headquarters manager


    Dr. Steven Marsh


    New Zealand

    Patries Herst


    New Zealand

    Dr. Omaima Ali



    Training Program

    Registration Requirements​

    1. To be eligible for training for allied healthcare professionals, a bachelor degree as well as a
      year of training are required before application.
    2. A valid license to practise allied healthcare professions is required.
    3. Those who are not in academic institutions will apply to be trained in hospitals approved by the relevant college.

    Program Specifications​

    1. The trainee will abide by the training regulations and obligations as set by the college.
    2. Training is a full-time commitment during the entire duration of the program.
    3. Training is to be conducted in institutions accredited and assigned by the college.
    4. The training will be comprehensive in the specialty.
    5. The trainee will be actively involved in patient care.