General Practice

International College of General Practicioners

Training Program

We provide specialised education and expert training solutions for
doctors who choose to specialise in General Practice in urban, rural
and remote locations.
ICGP offers a well-supported and individualised, self-directed journey
to becoming a qualified specialist GP.

Why to train with ICGP?

Our training program offers:

  • Diversity: Gain hands-on experience in urban, rural and/or remote
    training areas. We’ll ensure you see a wide variety of patient
    presentations across community healthcare settings.
  • Flexibility: We offer flexibility within your training experience, such as rural locations and dealing with rare cases in remote regions.
  • Community:. You will be assigned your own support team including
    a Program Training Advisor, Medical Educator and Training Supervisor, who will work with you to personalise your training and support you in your journey to Fellowship
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Training program

A day in the life of a registrar may involve patient consults with experienced doctors close by, informal corridor teaching and dedicated formal teaching time each week. Many rural-based GP training clinics also support their local hospital with an inpatients and on-call service, as well as anaesthetics andobstetrics if you have the qualifications.
This is complemented by the latest in technology-assisted learning, dedicated teaching times, regular workshops delivered by Medical Educators and comprehensive exam preparation.

During your training you will attend : 

  • An orientation workshop
  • Advanced Life Support (ALS)
  • A Wellbeing workshop
  • 10 face-to-face workshops with your Medical Educator
  • The opportunity to participate in a variety of non-mandatory workshops, webinars and exam preparation activities

You will be supported by innovative online programs to assist with your education and learning goals.

Our team of medical educators and program training advisors will work closely with you to provide personalised advice, mentoring and support throughout your journey.

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A-Year One for GPs:

  • Stage 1: 0-6 months
  • Support and Networking
  • Learning and development
  • PCN Portfolio Working
  • Recruitment & Induction
  • Portfolio opportunity agreed
  • Induction to PCNs/ ICS / STP
  • Assigned GP mentor and supervisor
  • Personal Development Plan (PDP)
  • Join GP Network
  • PCN Portfolio Working
  • Access to shadowing opportunities
  • Commence portfolio working
  • Support and Networking
  • Access GP mentor and supervisor
  • Access GP Network
  • Access to Action Learning Set
  • Learning and Development
  • Practice Management learning
  • Quality Improvement learning
  • xExpected Outcomes
  • Supported transition into PC role
  • Awareness of PCNs/ ICSs / STPs and their role
  • PDP in place
  • Individual’s ambitions understood
  • Supportive network built around the individual
  • Connected to Training Hub or other delivery partner
  • System awareness
  • Planned PCN portfolio
  • working options
  • Network of support grows
  • contextual confidence
  • Expected Outcomes
  • Embedded mentor / mentee relationship
  • Support network aids personal development
  • Learning and development opportunities underway,
  • with known ways of embedding learning
  • PCN portfolio options embedded
  • Access to shadowing opportunities within PCN 
  • Increase specialist skills in chosen area

B-Year two for GPs:

  • Stage 3: 13-18 months
  • Support and Networking
  • Learning and development
  • PCN Portfolio Working
  • Access GP mentor and supervisor
  • Access to coaching for personal development
  • working underway on a regular basis
  • Access to Action Learning Set
  • Access GP Network
  • Stage 4: 19-24 months
  • Support and Networking
  • Learning and Development
  • PCN Portfolio Working
  • Access GP mentor and supervisor
  • Access to Action Learning Set
  • Integrated MDT working exposure
  • Coaching for career development
  • Embedded within portfolio role
  • Access GP Network
  • Access Leadership development opportunities/ shadowing
  • Mentorship / coaching learning
  • Remote working learning
  • Expected Outcomes
  • Coaching sessions inform future development plan • Clear
    personal development goals
  • Leadership aspirations established and trajectories
  • Undergone learning in a range of non-clinical topics
  • System level awareness and connectivity established • PCN level
    awareness and connectivity established
    Expected Outcomes
  • Leadership development established with clear plan for
  • Understanding and experience of MDT integrated working
  • Confident to lead element of PCN work
  • PCN/ System-wide relationships established
  • Understanding of partnership roles

C-Year three for GPs: Supervised Clinical Practice